Breckenridge Lutheran Church
Council Minutes
April 9, 2018

Present:  Pastor Manning, Scott Wendorff, Jill Oliphant, Kara Gruenberg, Russ Graves, Carrie Johnson, Tom Erickson, Jason Butts, Heidi Genereux, Carl Thunem, Teresa Pearson, special guest; Police Chief Kris Karlgaard

 Absent: Diane Cordes, Raychel Bertelsen,

 A.       Call to Order (Scott) at 7:01pm

B.       Devotions: Welcome and Devotions (Kara)

C.      Consent Agenda:

1.  Minutes of Last Month’s Meeting  

2. Financial Reports:

3. Pastor Manning’s Report

4. Other Reports: Summary of part of 1 Grinnell Mutual “Developing a Security Plan”, LYO Committee minutes

          a. Consent Agenda Motion: To Accept (Carrie)

          b. Second: Tom

          c. Action or Motion: passed

D.       Additions to the Agenda: No Additions to the Agenda

1. Motions regarding:

                    a. Motion

                    b. Second

                    c. Action

E.       Old Business:

1.  Proposed Policy Plan Statement: Development of an “Active Shooter Plan” for our congregation, per last month’s action. Scott Wendorff will be contacting local law enforcement to come to our meeting. See attached Grinnell Mutual Report.

          a. Motion to table until education arrangements are made with law enforcement  (Scott)

          b. Second: Heidi

          c. Action: passed

2.  Clarification of Sick Leave (“Short Term Absences from Work”) from Employee Handbook.

  “Full-time employees are eligible to be compensated for regular base wages lost during periods of authorized absences to the extent they have accumulated days of paid absence. However, no compensation will be paid for absences covered by workers’ Compensation.  Employees will receive one day of authorized work absence per month employed, up to a maximum of 18 days.

 The allowable days of authorized short-term paid absence are on a service year basis, not a calendar year basis. Unused days of paid absence are not convertible into cash, personal holidays, or vacation. If employment is terminated, pay for accumulated and unused days of paid absence will not be granted”. This is a clarification of our current policy after further discussion.

          a. Motion to accept (Carl)

          b. Second: Jill

          c. Action: passed

F.       New Business:

1. Request from Breckenridge United Methodist Church: they would like to borrow our white confirmation robes, and in exchange they will pay for cleaning them.

                    a. Motion to allow (Heidi)

                    b. Second: Carrie

                    c. Action: passed

 2. Resignation of Annie Boesen as LYO Youth Director. Motion to accept resignation, and remove her name as an authorizing signature on the Bank of the West LYO Account.

          a. Motion (with regret and to thank you for your service)to accept Annie’s resignation and remove her name from the Bank of the West LYO Account (Scott)

          b. Second: Kara

          c. Action: Passed                                                                                       

G.      Church Pulse:

            1. “Ministry Footprint” Inventory: Electronic & Digital Media-discussion

            2. Furnace Project: Discussion and Guidance for Property Committee

H.       Closing Prayer  (Pastor M)

I.        Adjournment (Scott)

                    a. Motion to Adjourn 8:11 (Jill)

                    b. Second: Heidi

                    c. Action: passed