Church Council Meeting Agenda

December 13, 2017

Present: Scott Wendorff, Jill Oliphant, Lori Jensen, Kim Ceroll, Kara Gruenberg, Janel Butts, Pastor M, Russ Graves

Absent: Tom Erickson, Diane Cordes, Carrie Johnson, Rachel Bertelsen


  1. Call to Order: (Scott) 
  2. Devotions (Lori)
  3. Consent Agenda:
    1. Minutes of Last Month’s Meeting
    2. Financial Reports
    3. Pastor Manning’s Report
    4. Other Reports: LYO Meeting minutes  

a.  Consent Agenda Motion: Janel to accept

b.  Second: Lori

c.  Action or Motion: approved

  1. Additions to the Agenda: None
  2. Old Business:

1. 2018 Ministry Budget.

            a. Motion: Scott made a motion to establish a 2018 Ministry Budget at $245,209.

            b. Second: Kim

            c. Action: approved

2. Nominations. This matter has been tabled from the last meeting.

            a. Motion: Pastor made the motion to table until the next meeting in January.

            b. Second: Scott

            c. Action: approved

  1. New Business

1. Annual Congregational Meeting Date and Time: Our constitution states that we will have it on the 4th Sunday of January, but since we have moved to one 9:30am service, what time shall it be?            

a. Motion: Pastor moved that the meeting be held immediately after 9:30am worship, with the LYO serving breakfast.

            b. Second: Jill

            c. Action: approved

G. Church Pulse:

a. The council was thanked for their work on the budget, which is slightly less than 2017.      

H. Closing Prayer (Pastor M)

I. Adjournment (Scott)

      a. Motion: Scott

      b. Second: Janel

      c. Action: Approved