Breckenridge Lutheran Council Minutes

October 9, 2017

Present: Kim Ceroll, Carrie Johnson, Diane Cordes, Lori Jensen, Pastor Manning, Jill Oliphant, Scott Wendorff, Russ Graves, Kara Gruenberg, Tom Erickson

 Absent: Janel Butts, Raychel Bertelsen

 A.       Call to Order (Scott) at 7:05pm

B.       Devotions (Jill)

C.      Consent Agenda:

1.  Minutes of Last Month’s Meeting  

2. Financial Reports

3. Pastor Manning’s Report

4. Other Reports: LYO minutes

          a. Consent Agenda Motion: To approve (Russ)

          b. Seconded: Lori

          c. Action or Motion: passed

D.       Additions to the Agenda:

1. Motions regarding: transfer of Jan Knudtson

                    a. Motion to accept: Scott

                    b. Second: Kara

                    c. Action: passed

E.       Old Business:

1. Discussed eliminating the large mailbox system in favor of a smaller communication delivery system.

          a. Motion by Pastor Mark: to table using a 250 box individual mail box system in favor of developing a smaller system for key people and programs only

          b. Second

          c. Action-tabled

 F.       New Business:

          1. To accept thetransfer of Jan Knudtson to Easter Lutheran Church           in Eagen, Minnesota

                    a. Motion to accept: Scott

                    b. Second: Kara

                    c. Action: passed                                                                                

G.      Church Pulse:

                        a. Audit Committee work: Pastor & Scott Wendorff will  assemble the committee

                        b. Nominations Committee work for 2018 elections: in the absence of anyone volunteering to the nominating committee, the church council members and committees have taken over the responsibility

                        c. Informal Evaluation of Unified Sunday Worship: The council discussed ways to improve our unified service based on input from ministry committees and programs.


H.       Closing Prayer  (Pastor M)


I.        Adjournment (Scott) 8:15pm

                    a. Motion to adjourn: Kim

                    b. Second: Jill

                    c. Action: passed