Church Council Meeting Agenda 

December 10, 2018

Present: Russ Graves, Scott Wendorff, Tom Erickson, Kim Ceroll, Diane Cordes, Carl Thunem, Kara Gruenberg, Heidi Genereux and Pastor Manning.

Absent: Raychel Bertelsen, Jill Oliphant, Carrie Johnson 

  1. The meeting was called to order by President Scott Wendorff at 7:06 PM. 
  2. Devotions: Welcome and Devotions (Kim Ceroll)
  3. Consent Agenda:
    1. Minutes of Last Month’s Meeting
    2. Financial Reports
    3. Pastor Manning’s Report
      1. Other Reports:
      2. Motion to approved the consent agenda made by Carl Thunem
      3. Seconded by Kim Ceroll
      4. Action or Motion: Passed unanimously
      5. Old Business:

1. Proposed Policy Plan Statement: Development of an “Active Shooter Plan” for our congregation, per last month’s action. Tabled awaiting feedback.

2. 2019 Proposed Ministry Budget: Salary recommendations were given by the Executive Committee       

            a. Motion: No action was taken.  The budget recommendations will be given to Laurie to prepare the final budget to be reviewed at the January Council meeting.           

3. Clarification: Last month we approved a policy requiring that all contracts for goods or services over $1000 would require proof of insurance (in the case of a contractor of services) and authorization of the Executive Committee. Laurie requests clarification whether this means all four members of the Executive Committee, or some smaller number.

            a. Motion: Scott Wendorff made a motion that it will require a majority vote of the Executive Committee

            b. Seconded by Kara Gruenberg

            c. Action: Approved Unanimously

New Business:

1. Membership: transfer of Craig & Sue Johanson to Grace LC/Brandon MN, Deb Berndt from Trinity LC/Culbertson MT, Joe & Wendy Bommersbach, Taylor, Jake and Ally from Hope LC in Fargo ND, Ross & Kellee Pedersen, Reese, Gavin and Jessa from Richland LC/Colfax ND and Merlan & Kathie Granfor.

            a. Motion to accept the transfer made by Tom Erickson

            b. Seconded by Diane Cordes

            c. Action: Approved Unanimously


G. Church Pulse: Discussion of other current items and topics--

1. Nominations

2. Annual Reports from Congregational Ministries

3. Possibility of creating an advisory committee/board for electronics and technology. It would be a group that is responsible for making sure things are working in the church and to be consulted to make sure things are set up the correct way.

4. The Worship Committee recommended a pay rate for the Choir and Praise band director similar to the bell choir director.  It will be included in their budget.

H. Closing Prayer (Pastor M)

I. Adjournment at 8:35

      a. Motion to adjourn made by Kim Ceroll

      b. Seconded by Diane Cordes

      c. Action: Passed Unanimously