2018-2019 Grade 7-8-9 Confirmation Class Schedule

Combined class meets at 7pm Wednesday nights unless otherwise noted

August 29: 7:15 pm-Student AND Parent Organizational Meeting

September 5:  Class Meeting 1 (service project 5:30pm)

September 13: Family Faith Night (worship 7pm)

September 19: Class Meeting 2

September 26: LYO Meeting

                 October 3:       Class Meeting 3

                 October 10:     Family Faith Night (required night)

                 October 17:     OFF/MEA begins

                 October 24:     LYO Meeting

                 October 31:     HALLOWEEN

November 7:   Community “Day of Hope”

November 14: Family Faith Night (required night)

November 21: OFF-Thanksgiving begins

November 28: LYO Meeting

               December 5:   Class Meeting 4

               December 12: Family Faith Night

               December 19: Class Meeting 5

               December 26: LYO or OFF (Christmas vacation)

January 2:       Class Meeting 6

January 9:       Family Faith Night or CrossGen

January 16:     Class Meeting 7

January 23:     LYO meeting or CrossGen

January 30:     OFF or TBD

             February 6:     Class Meeting 8

             February 13:   Family Faith Night or CrossGen

             February 20:   Class Meeting 9

             February 28:    LYO or GrossGen      

Each class period will require 6-7 adult small group leaders/helpers. We will conduct a sign-up on the first Parent/Student Organizational Meeting night; PLEASE sign up for several nights. Parent involvement is what makes this program work! Note: there will be a $10 materials fee for the year.

2018—2019 10th Grade Confirmation Student/Mentor Class Schedule

(note: classes start shortly after Lenten worship services)

Wednesday, March 6, 8pm: Orientation and Meeting #1:

            “Did Martin Luther really call the Pope the Anti-Christ?”

Wednesday, March 20, 7:45pm: Meeting #2:

             “How can Lutherans believe in ‘grace alone’ if they also believe in ’Faith alone’ and ‘Scripture alone’?”

Wednesday, April 3, 7:45pm: Meeting #3:

            “Do I have to memorize the Small Catechism to be Lutheran?”

Wednesday, April 17, 7:45pm: Meeting #4:

            “What’s a synod and why are there so many different ones?”

PLEASE NOTE: In recent years we’ve begun to have a problem with absenteeism at these meetings.                                                PLEASE mark these dates on your calendar and make sure that BOTH you and your mentor can attend!



On the second Wednesday night of each month we will have a ‘Family Faith Night.’ These will run from September through April, and will begin with a short worship service from 7pm until 7:35 or 7:40. Two of the Wednesday night worships (October 17 and November 14) are required class meetings. After worship we may conduct a multi-generational family educational event (ALL ages), or service project (or both). This will help attending confirmation students and their families to record worship notes AND a service project.

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The Confirmation Class was studying John the Baptist, and how what he wore and carried with him was a reflection of his role as a prophet of God. These photos were taken by our confirmation small groups, showing what they were carrying in their pockets at class that night. How does what YOU carry around show who you are, and what is most important in your life?